Corps Austria - Corps Austria
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Corps Austria

Student Fraternity

Corps Austria is a member of the largest fraternal organization of Corps from Bad Kösen and Weinheim, which form the elite amongst student fraternities. Corps are the world’s oldest form of fraternity, and the only ones without national, religious or similar orientation or principles. They accept only male members and engage in academic fencing. Some of the most influential fraternity members who shaped the economy as well as society have come from and continue to come from within our circle. Corps expect the highest standards from their members, especially concerning personal stength and enagement. Finally, based on their fundamentals, Corps are capable of building new bridges.

Corps impose the highest standards upon their members

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 Corps Austria

We appreciate our community of diverse nationalities, ideologies, religions, and academic pursuits. As the only Corps in Germany’s largest metropolitan region, we combine big city living with student traditions in a sophisticated interpretation of fraternity life.

Corps Austria combines tradition and modern trends at the highest level


1861 founded in Prague
1919 relocation to Frankfurt am Main
1919 admittance to the Kösener
1936 suspension in WWII
1949 resumption of activities after WWII
1954 inauguration of fraternity house in Westend
2016 executive Corps of the Kösener
colours: black-white-yellow
academic principle

Corps Austria stands for existing friendship since 1861

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