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As a community of academics, the cornerstone of Corps Austria revolves around the participation and successful completion of ones studies. Corps Austria has a number of advantages to offer in this endeavor including our  library, which can accommodate individual research as well as study groups as well as the knowledge and experience of our alumni. The later is a unique asset that any ambitious student can profit from.

Study with friends

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Corps Austria supports the academic pursuits and personal development of its members through internal workshops, exchange with alumni and professors, personal coaching and nationwide seminars. These opportunities range from softskill training to discipline-specific seminars for various courses of study.

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Frankfurt hosts a number of esteemed universities. The largest and most prestigious is the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University with the full range of academic studies on the most beautiful campus in Germany. Furthermore, Frankfurt is home to the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, the University of Applied Sciences as well as the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts.

It is not only our campus that enjoys the highest reputation


Frankfurt has much to offer, everything from diverse night life and an exciting cultural scene, to attractive internships and interesting career opportunities. Additionally Frankfurt harmonizes the contrast between gleaming skyscrapers and romantic timber framed houses. Whether you prefer to party in clubs, enjoy an „Apfelwein“ (apple wine) at one of Frankfurt’s many exclusive establishments or explore Germany’s largest shopping district, Frankfurt will never cease to amaze.

Frankfurt is not only a city of superlatives